Monday, October 6, 2008


Tonight Molly and I went to a postnatal yoga class where I went for prenatal yoga. It was the first time they had held a postnatal yoga class. It was really great. Molly had a wonderful time, as did I. I took a thick blanket for her to lie on during the class so that we could see each other and make eye contact. There were three other new moms there with their babies. It was really comfortable. At some point during the class, we all had to nurse our babies and comfort them. It was really relaxed, but my legs are still sore. I held Molly Z during part of it, which added a bit of extra weight and made the poses and stretches a bit more challenging. I'm so glad I went, though. I considered not going because I had to load Molly and all our gear in the car. It was great seeing some of the women I was in the prenatal class with, and their babies. The babies were all so cute!

Molly has been sleeping really well at night lately, with the exception of last night. We have been keeping her up until about 10 when we go to bed. I usually feed her right before we go to sleep (I think that was why she didn't sleep so well last night--she was asleep so I didn't feed her), and then she sleeps until about 5 or sometimes a little later. It is really wonderful to be getting good amounts of sleep.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means Molly and Bill will spend all day together, with my providing meals when necessary, while I work. I am so close to being finished with that dissertation!


Marsha D said...

Wow, the Yoga class sounds awesome, I hope you continue with it. Having a relaxed Mama makes for a relaxed baby I think. Looking forward to reading this weeks Tuesdays with Papa and Molly segment on Bill's blog. (Although I appreciate the lesson he posted on how to get into a wine bottle faster) Keep taking pictures of Molly as she grows. I know she is probably smiling more each day. I sure do miss you guys!
Love you!

Kris said...

Good for you going to the Yoga classes and interacting with other new moms. You learn so much just from talking with each other. Can't wait to see you, Bill and that smiling beautiful baby girl.