Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's been so long since I posted! We have had a really nice week. Early in the week Molly was feeling a little under the weather, sniffling a lot and being pretty fussy. She seems to be feeling much better today. She has discovered her hands recently, and she thoroughly enjoys sucking on those little ham hocks. Lola and Bill both suggested that she might be teething--all the sucking on her fingers and the fussiness may indicate that. I looked it up, and babies don't usually start teething until between 4 and 7 months. Molly will be 4 months old in a few days, but developmentally she is only about 2 months old. I would be surprised if she were teething this early, but I guess we'll see. Any of you new parents reading remember when your little ones started to get teeth? right now Molly is lying next to me, and my computer is right at the same level as her face. She started licking the side of my computer. Maybe I should pull it away since she is putting her lips and tongue in the usb (is that what they're called?) ports. Okay, now she is licking my jeans. Now she just spit up all over my jeans. Okay, now she seems to feel better. So, I don't know if she is teething or just going through that oral developmental stage.

Since she has been chewing on her hands so much, Molly's smell has changed. Previously, she smelled discinctly like milk, which is very lovely. Now, she smells like a combination of milk and baby slobber. That sounds really disgusting, but baby slobber doesn't stink like grown-up slobber does. I don't know--maybe it would stink on someone else's kid, but I like that I know Molly's distinct smell.

We have been taking lots of walks this week. Walking with her seems to make her fall right asleep, and she was a little bit fussy this week so that helped. We have been using the stroller for our long walks, and it works just as well as the Moby. We also tried to use our Ergo carrier this week, but she is still a little short for that. She definitely still loves riding around in the Moby, and it is still really comfortable for us, but I think the Ergo will be more comfortable for us when she is bigger.

We have not done too much exciting things this week. Wednesday Molly and I walked over to the library and checked out a book and some CDs. Yesterday we went to the farmers market and then to watch the UK game at Zeke's. Bill ran the Bridge to Bridge race this mornong in SF. He is still gone, but I'm sure he has finished running by now. Oh--he just walked in the door.

We ran into two people this week who work in the NICU. We saw the dietitian at Arizmendi (the bakery by our apartment). We saw her again at the farmers market yesterday. She lives in our neighborhood. She was happy to see Molly so healthy and getting so big (I didn't tell her our pediatrician told us we didn't need the milk fortifier). We also ran into one of the resident doctors who took care of Molly the first two weeks she was there. (they rotate every few weeks so we had a few different residents). It took her a second to remember us, but then she said, "Oh! This is Molly! Last time I saw her her stomach was exploding." That was the NEC Molly had to deal with. Needless to say, she too was thrilled with how big Molly has gotten. She was there the day Molly was born and was on the team who saved Molly's life by keeping her breathing. She asked us if the memory has faded yet. It IS fading, but it is not gone completely yet, especially those first few days. I'm sure it will eventually, though.


Kim said...

Sydney had 4 teeth when we went for her 4 month checkup. But, like you said, every child is different, so who knows if she's teething or not... but it's a good possibility.

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I love hearing about it all! Oh, and the picture of you and Molly in SF, you wearing your cute little hat with flower... I LOVE it!

Love ya,

Kris said...

Molly has astounded us this far so who knows maybe she is teething. Also, there is nothing like the baby smell even if it is a mixture of slobber and milk. I can't wait to smell her and hug and kiss her.
Love you,

Marsha D said...

Watch for the teeth, I think they will be there soon. Takes nursing to another level.
Love you!