Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost Halloween

It's been way too long since I've posted--sorry! It seems to have been a busy week, but I can't say exactly why it's seemed that way. I just haven't found the time to give an update on Molly. On Saturday we went to see some friends and carved pumpkins. The couple who hosted us and the other couple who came over used to live in our neighborhood, but they moved out recently. It's sad--we miss them all. We had a great time, and Bill took some pictures today of Molly and me with our very scary jack-o-lanterns.

On Saturday Molly and I went to a prenatal yoga reunion. We went to one a couple months ago, so it has been fun to see how the babies are growing.

Molly is continuing her fascination with her hands. She loves shoving them in her mouth and sucking. She recently decided she could get a better taste of those slimy things by using one hand to push the other one in further. It is pretty cute. She has also been sucking just her thumb, which is just adorable! Her giggling is much louder these days, and it comes with hardly any effort on our part. She will easily smile and coo when you make faces at her. She will also just laugh sometimes for no reason. It's such a pleasant sound, and it makes me smile when I hear her laughing at something she just sees while we're walking around.

She is still not quite ready to turn over, I don't think. She doesn't particularly like tummy time, but we keep at it to build her arm muscles. She is getting closer to sitting up, though (I think).

We finally got a new crib this week. Bill will be putting that together soon, and she will be out of the cradle. I can't believe Molly Z is so big! A week from Sunday she will be five months old!

Tuesday I got a whole lot of work done on my dissertation. It is really close to being complete. I know I keep saying that, but it is! I hope to send it out to my whole committee for comments within the week, and then it should just be a matter of final editing (knock on wood). Tuesday night I went to the movies with a friend. It was really strange being away from Molly for most of the day. Bill had her all day on Tuesday, as usual. I was here to feed her for most of the day, but he took her out a lot, and then I left for a couple hours in the evening. It was actually a little sad (though I know it's important for me to get out and do some things without Molly) to be away from Molly and Bill for so much of the day.

Bill and I got our pertussis shots today (thanks for the reminders, Aunt Cathy) so we will hopefully not contract whooping cough, which could be really hard on Molly if she were to catch it from us.

We have a pumpkin costume for Molly, but she is too big for it. She probably would have fit into it if she were less than three months, rather than her real age of almost five months--she is just too big! We could probably put some orange clothes on her and that would be enough to dress her as a pumpkin. (Okay, no more jokes about my chubby baby.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Aunt Kelly and Grandpa Joe D. left today. :( We had a wonderful visit with them while Poppa Bill was out of town. I will get back to the visit in a bit.

On Friday we went to the doctor for more vaccines. Molly is officially a very huge baby, weighing in at 15 pounds, 7 ounces (and that was almost a week ago now!). She is HUGE! She is in the 75th percentile in weight now, but only the 25th percentile in height. Pretty amazing that that tiny baby born just over four months ago now weighs more than 75% of the other babies born that week. Crazy! We went up a size in diapers, and they fit her much better. She got some vaccines, too, so she was very unhappy for about a day and a half. We did not give her iron Friday because we knew it would be traumatic for her to get her vaccines, and we did not do it on Saturday or Sunday either to let her get over it a little longer. I also did not give it to her while her auntie and grandpa were here because she would have been vomiting all over them.

Speaking on vomiting...yesterday we all went to the Jelly Belly factory. Aunt Kelly LOVES Jelly Bellies so we were overdue for a visit to the factory. We all had to wear hats because it was a factory. That includes Molly. Molly Z had to wear a little paper hat, too. It was very cute. We got some pictures, which will be posted soon. Grandpa Joe finally came around to the wonders of the Moby yesterday, too. He had been carrying her around all week, swearing she was not heavy. Neither Aunt Kelly nor I believed him. She gets heavy pretty quickly. Anyway, he finally agreed yesterday to wear the Moby while we were on the factory tour, saying he would do it because he thought Molly would be more comfortable. After we were finished, he agreed that it was more comfortable for him, too.

I haven't forgotten about the vomit. At the end of the tour we could sample all the flavors of jelly beans we wanted. They actually had vomit flavor. I know. They also had booger flavor, rotten egg flavor, moldy cheese (which Aunt Kelly tried), ear wax flavor, pencil shavings flavor, baby wipes flavor, and black pepper flavor. I tried the vomit flavor. It did taste like vomit. I had to spit it out--it was absolutley disgusting! I figured it would taste fruity or something, and they just called it vomit flavor to be funny. I won't fall for that again.

On Monday, we kind of got a slow start after we had our morning walk down to Arizmendi. We ended up going for pizza for lunch and to do sake tasting. There is a sake factory in Berkeley, and they have a little museum and tasting room. Molly was very happy the entire time until we were on our way out the door. As we were leaving, she threw up all over the pristine floor. We yelled that there was a little mess on the floor and promptly split.

Today we walked to Arizmendi and then took our breakfast down to the lake to eat. It was a beautiful morning, and we just talked and solved all the problems of the world.

Molly loves her aunt and grandpa so much! She had plenty of smiles, giggles, and squeals for them. Grandpa Joe was impressed by how well she can hold up her head and stand on her legs with a bit of support.

She didn't sleep very well while we had visitors. I don't know if it was the excitement, or that she is just too big for the cradle.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coutdown to the Weekend

We have had a good week this week. We have been more diligent about giving Molly her iron, but she just throws it all up that it is difficult to continue giving it to her every day. The doctor said we don't have to give it to her every day, but we have been trying to on most days. Today she threw it all up and just was not happy in general after she got it. Now she is sleeping peacefully on my chest in the Moby.

On Monday we went again to yoga. I had a wonderful time--it's such a nice class. Molly also had a great time, just lying on her blanket looking all around. There is so much for a baby to look at: pictures on the wall, other babies, other mommas, lots of decorations and plants and statues. She just would make a little squeal of happiness every once in a while, and she even fell asleep for a little bit after I fed her (while I was doing some light yoga so I didn't have to miss anything).

Bill and I have tried to put MZ in our other carrier, the Ergo, but she is still a little short for that. The Moby is fine for a while longer, but I think the Ergo will be easier on my back, which is starting to hurt a little from carrying around this chubby baby.

Molly and I have been going on lots of walks in the stroller. She really loves to do that, too. She falls asleep a lot in there, too, but not as much as when she is being carried. She likes to look around from the stroller. She also has still been valiantly attempting to eat her entire fist. It is really cute when she tries to stuff that little "handhock" in her whole mouth. Sometimes she even tries to eat it while she is actually nursing so I have to pull her little arm away so she will really eat.

Earlier this week we ran into an acquaintance from the neighborhood who has not met Molly yet. She said, "She looks so...healthy." I said, "Is that code for 'fat?'" She laughed and said that when she was a baby she was so fat that her grandfather was worried she "wouldn't be married off." Bill and I got quite a kick out of that. So I suppose we don't need to worry that Molly will not be marriage material. :)

I just took a break, so now it is almost 12 hours later. We did a little shopping today because Bill needs a couple of new things to wear for the conference he's going to Sunday through Wednesday. The three of us had a great time together! We went to a few vintage clothing stores, which was a fun way to spend a few hours. I am really looking forward to Sunday when Grandpa Joe D. and Aunt Kelly will be here to visit. Grandpa Joe D. will be meeting Molly Z for the very first time! I'm sure he will get lots of smiles and probably a few giggles.

Bill posted some new pictures so if you haven't already, check them out!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Week

We've had a bit of an eventful week, at least compared with our usual, fairly uneventful weeks. Tuesday was our usual Tuesday, where I worked all day, and Bill took care of Molly. I worked more on my dissertation on Tuesday and throughout the week. I was able to turn in another draft to my chair on Friday (yay!). Hopefully it is really close to being finished. I will need her approval, and then I will need to get approval from my other two committee members.

On Wednesday we went to a wedding, Molly's first wedding. Our neighbors, who are gay, got legally married, and Bill and I were their witnesses. Why get married on a Wednesday? Well, they had a big wedding two years ago, and that was their anniversary. They did not want to have two different dates to celebrate, one their actual wedding, and the other the legally binding ceremony. Molly wore a very cute dress (Bill promised to post pictures soon). Bill and I also were dressed up a bit so we got some good pictures of the three of us.

On Friday, Molly started throwing up in the morning after I gave her her iron. We are supposed to give it to her every day, but it makes her throw up so we don't give it to her every day. Well, yesterday she was just throwing up all morning, much more than usual. I called the doctor, and because it was Friday and she would not be around on the weekend, she said we should take her in. She is absolutely fine, but the doctor checked her iron level, thinking maybe she does not need it anymore. Her iron is still low, though, so we have to keep giving it to her. The pediatrician explained that babies usually get a lot of iron in utero during the third trimester. Because Molly Z missed that third trimester, her iron is low. I hope she will be able to get off the supplement when she begins eating some regular food. In the meantime, though, we will continue giving her the iron, and I am also going to try to increase my iron intake via food (which I just feel like is better absorbed than supplements) so that it will pass to her through my milk, and she will hopefully actually get more of it than she does with her supplement, which is usually all regurgitated. I don't know if my eating more iron will make too much of a difference, but the pediatrician said it probably would. I figure it can't hurt, either way. We go back to the doctor next week for more vaccinations, but I doubt she will have her iron checked then--I don't know when she will have it checked again, maybe in a couple of months.

Today my friend, Trudi, brought her daughter for a visit, and the four of us went to the farmers market while Bill went to watch the UK football game. We had a great time! Molly slept in the Moby while we shopped. Tomorrow we are meeting a woman I work with and her husband and baby, who was born in January.

Molly has been sleeping wonderfully! This morning and yesterday morning she slept until 7:15!!!! One day she had a poor night's sleep, waking up a couple times, but the rest of the week she slept until about 6. We are starting to look on Craigslist for a crib now because Molly is starting to outgrow the cradle she has been sleeping in. MZ has also been holding her head up really well--we don't have to support it much at all these days. She is still enjoying attempting to fit her fists in her mouth, sometimes both at the same time. Molly has been smiling so much, and her little giggles are adorable! She is also really good at making and holding eye contact.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Tonight Molly and I went to a postnatal yoga class where I went for prenatal yoga. It was the first time they had held a postnatal yoga class. It was really great. Molly had a wonderful time, as did I. I took a thick blanket for her to lie on during the class so that we could see each other and make eye contact. There were three other new moms there with their babies. It was really comfortable. At some point during the class, we all had to nurse our babies and comfort them. It was really relaxed, but my legs are still sore. I held Molly Z during part of it, which added a bit of extra weight and made the poses and stretches a bit more challenging. I'm so glad I went, though. I considered not going because I had to load Molly and all our gear in the car. It was great seeing some of the women I was in the prenatal class with, and their babies. The babies were all so cute!

Molly has been sleeping really well at night lately, with the exception of last night. We have been keeping her up until about 10 when we go to bed. I usually feed her right before we go to sleep (I think that was why she didn't sleep so well last night--she was asleep so I didn't feed her), and then she sleeps until about 5 or sometimes a little later. It is really wonderful to be getting good amounts of sleep.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means Molly and Bill will spend all day together, with my providing meals when necessary, while I work. I am so close to being finished with that dissertation!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's been so long since I posted! We have had a really nice week. Early in the week Molly was feeling a little under the weather, sniffling a lot and being pretty fussy. She seems to be feeling much better today. She has discovered her hands recently, and she thoroughly enjoys sucking on those little ham hocks. Lola and Bill both suggested that she might be teething--all the sucking on her fingers and the fussiness may indicate that. I looked it up, and babies don't usually start teething until between 4 and 7 months. Molly will be 4 months old in a few days, but developmentally she is only about 2 months old. I would be surprised if she were teething this early, but I guess we'll see. Any of you new parents reading remember when your little ones started to get teeth? right now Molly is lying next to me, and my computer is right at the same level as her face. She started licking the side of my computer. Maybe I should pull it away since she is putting her lips and tongue in the usb (is that what they're called?) ports. Okay, now she is licking my jeans. Now she just spit up all over my jeans. Okay, now she seems to feel better. So, I don't know if she is teething or just going through that oral developmental stage.

Since she has been chewing on her hands so much, Molly's smell has changed. Previously, she smelled discinctly like milk, which is very lovely. Now, she smells like a combination of milk and baby slobber. That sounds really disgusting, but baby slobber doesn't stink like grown-up slobber does. I don't know--maybe it would stink on someone else's kid, but I like that I know Molly's distinct smell.

We have been taking lots of walks this week. Walking with her seems to make her fall right asleep, and she was a little bit fussy this week so that helped. We have been using the stroller for our long walks, and it works just as well as the Moby. We also tried to use our Ergo carrier this week, but she is still a little short for that. She definitely still loves riding around in the Moby, and it is still really comfortable for us, but I think the Ergo will be more comfortable for us when she is bigger.

We have not done too much exciting things this week. Wednesday Molly and I walked over to the library and checked out a book and some CDs. Yesterday we went to the farmers market and then to watch the UK game at Zeke's. Bill ran the Bridge to Bridge race this mornong in SF. He is still gone, but I'm sure he has finished running by now. Oh--he just walked in the door.

We ran into two people this week who work in the NICU. We saw the dietitian at Arizmendi (the bakery by our apartment). We saw her again at the farmers market yesterday. She lives in our neighborhood. She was happy to see Molly so healthy and getting so big (I didn't tell her our pediatrician told us we didn't need the milk fortifier). We also ran into one of the resident doctors who took care of Molly the first two weeks she was there. (they rotate every few weeks so we had a few different residents). It took her a second to remember us, but then she said, "Oh! This is Molly! Last time I saw her her stomach was exploding." That was the NEC Molly had to deal with. Needless to say, she too was thrilled with how big Molly has gotten. She was there the day Molly was born and was on the team who saved Molly's life by keeping her breathing. She asked us if the memory has faded yet. It IS fading, but it is not gone completely yet, especially those first few days. I'm sure it will eventually, though.