Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Aunt Kelly and Grandpa Joe D. left today. :( We had a wonderful visit with them while Poppa Bill was out of town. I will get back to the visit in a bit.

On Friday we went to the doctor for more vaccines. Molly is officially a very huge baby, weighing in at 15 pounds, 7 ounces (and that was almost a week ago now!). She is HUGE! She is in the 75th percentile in weight now, but only the 25th percentile in height. Pretty amazing that that tiny baby born just over four months ago now weighs more than 75% of the other babies born that week. Crazy! We went up a size in diapers, and they fit her much better. She got some vaccines, too, so she was very unhappy for about a day and a half. We did not give her iron Friday because we knew it would be traumatic for her to get her vaccines, and we did not do it on Saturday or Sunday either to let her get over it a little longer. I also did not give it to her while her auntie and grandpa were here because she would have been vomiting all over them.

Speaking on vomiting...yesterday we all went to the Jelly Belly factory. Aunt Kelly LOVES Jelly Bellies so we were overdue for a visit to the factory. We all had to wear hats because it was a factory. That includes Molly. Molly Z had to wear a little paper hat, too. It was very cute. We got some pictures, which will be posted soon. Grandpa Joe finally came around to the wonders of the Moby yesterday, too. He had been carrying her around all week, swearing she was not heavy. Neither Aunt Kelly nor I believed him. She gets heavy pretty quickly. Anyway, he finally agreed yesterday to wear the Moby while we were on the factory tour, saying he would do it because he thought Molly would be more comfortable. After we were finished, he agreed that it was more comfortable for him, too.

I haven't forgotten about the vomit. At the end of the tour we could sample all the flavors of jelly beans we wanted. They actually had vomit flavor. I know. They also had booger flavor, rotten egg flavor, moldy cheese (which Aunt Kelly tried), ear wax flavor, pencil shavings flavor, baby wipes flavor, and black pepper flavor. I tried the vomit flavor. It did taste like vomit. I had to spit it out--it was absolutley disgusting! I figured it would taste fruity or something, and they just called it vomit flavor to be funny. I won't fall for that again.

On Monday, we kind of got a slow start after we had our morning walk down to Arizmendi. We ended up going for pizza for lunch and to do sake tasting. There is a sake factory in Berkeley, and they have a little museum and tasting room. Molly was very happy the entire time until we were on our way out the door. As we were leaving, she threw up all over the pristine floor. We yelled that there was a little mess on the floor and promptly split.

Today we walked to Arizmendi and then took our breakfast down to the lake to eat. It was a beautiful morning, and we just talked and solved all the problems of the world.

Molly loves her aunt and grandpa so much! She had plenty of smiles, giggles, and squeals for them. Grandpa Joe was impressed by how well she can hold up her head and stand on her legs with a bit of support.

She didn't sleep very well while we had visitors. I don't know if it was the excitement, or that she is just too big for the cradle.


aunt mary said...

hey guys, this is wonderful new of molly's weight...she is going to be half grown by pics are gorgeous..i am filling my computer up with saving pics..but that is ok, you all are worth it..can't wait to see you all..and hold that beautiful molly..she has the most beautiful smile..i am so proud to be her great aunt..ya'll take to you all from the middle of no-where arkansas.....aunt mary

Marsha D said...

Maybe Molly was just missin her Poppa and that's why she didn't sleep so well. I know she loves company but I am sure she sensed that Bill was away. Glad you had such a great visit and I look forward to seeing all of the pictures.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

what a great time!! I want to come back!!! I miss you and Molly Zelda so much already!! I love you!
aunt kelly
by the way, james LOVES birthday cake...more than mint mint chocalate...he's so mad about it :)

Anonymous said...

OH...and the flippers are VERY cute!!!!!!!!