Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Week

We've had a bit of an eventful week, at least compared with our usual, fairly uneventful weeks. Tuesday was our usual Tuesday, where I worked all day, and Bill took care of Molly. I worked more on my dissertation on Tuesday and throughout the week. I was able to turn in another draft to my chair on Friday (yay!). Hopefully it is really close to being finished. I will need her approval, and then I will need to get approval from my other two committee members.

On Wednesday we went to a wedding, Molly's first wedding. Our neighbors, who are gay, got legally married, and Bill and I were their witnesses. Why get married on a Wednesday? Well, they had a big wedding two years ago, and that was their anniversary. They did not want to have two different dates to celebrate, one their actual wedding, and the other the legally binding ceremony. Molly wore a very cute dress (Bill promised to post pictures soon). Bill and I also were dressed up a bit so we got some good pictures of the three of us.

On Friday, Molly started throwing up in the morning after I gave her her iron. We are supposed to give it to her every day, but it makes her throw up so we don't give it to her every day. Well, yesterday she was just throwing up all morning, much more than usual. I called the doctor, and because it was Friday and she would not be around on the weekend, she said we should take her in. She is absolutely fine, but the doctor checked her iron level, thinking maybe she does not need it anymore. Her iron is still low, though, so we have to keep giving it to her. The pediatrician explained that babies usually get a lot of iron in utero during the third trimester. Because Molly Z missed that third trimester, her iron is low. I hope she will be able to get off the supplement when she begins eating some regular food. In the meantime, though, we will continue giving her the iron, and I am also going to try to increase my iron intake via food (which I just feel like is better absorbed than supplements) so that it will pass to her through my milk, and she will hopefully actually get more of it than she does with her supplement, which is usually all regurgitated. I don't know if my eating more iron will make too much of a difference, but the pediatrician said it probably would. I figure it can't hurt, either way. We go back to the doctor next week for more vaccinations, but I doubt she will have her iron checked then--I don't know when she will have it checked again, maybe in a couple of months.

Today my friend, Trudi, brought her daughter for a visit, and the four of us went to the farmers market while Bill went to watch the UK football game. We had a great time! Molly slept in the Moby while we shopped. Tomorrow we are meeting a woman I work with and her husband and baby, who was born in January.

Molly has been sleeping wonderfully! This morning and yesterday morning she slept until 7:15!!!! One day she had a poor night's sleep, waking up a couple times, but the rest of the week she slept until about 6. We are starting to look on Craigslist for a crib now because Molly is starting to outgrow the cradle she has been sleeping in. MZ has also been holding her head up really well--we don't have to support it much at all these days. She is still enjoying attempting to fit her fists in her mouth, sometimes both at the same time. Molly has been smiling so much, and her little giggles are adorable! She is also really good at making and holding eye contact.


Marsha D said...

Gosh, I miss you all so much.

Kris said...

Oh Krista,
I can't wait to come to CA. I want to see that smile and hear those giggles.
Love you all so much,