Monday, December 8, 2008

So Crafty!

Bill and I had a craft night tonight, and we taught ourselves the art of crochet. Right before Molly went to bed we started. Molly sat on my lap for a little while, trying to grab the crochet hook. I don't think it makes a very good baby toy. We put her to bed soon, though, and I was able to work on my masterpiece more easily. A friend of ours showed Bill the basic stitches a year or so ago, and we picked it up tonight. Bill refreshed himself, and then showed me. I made the beginnings of what is shaping up to be a very nice, um, maybe triangular bookmark. Or washcloth maybe. For some reason my edges are decreasing in size, and what was supposed to be rectangular is becoming triangular. It is, believe me, beautiful, though! :) Bill is a little better than I am. That engineering brain is much better at crafts. Last night I finished the quilt I have been working on for a year and a half or so, for Kelly, so I needed another project.

Yesterday, we went to our friends' house and made gingerbread houses. They baked the gingerbread into the pieces of houses, and then it all got glued together with frosting. It was so fun! They had a lot of candy and things to put on the house. Bill did all the building and most of the decorating. Molly had a great time watching all the fun. There were lots of colorful pieces of candy to look at.

Molly still has not turned over anymore since she turned over three times in a row the other day. She really likes lying on her belly on our bed. She just laughs a lot and looks around. I guess she has a better view of the world from there than she does from the blanket on the floor.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we go back to the doctor. Molly will be 6 months old tomorrow! It is really hard to believe. She will get some more vaccines and her first flu shot--babies apparently get 2 flu shots. She will get the second one when we get back from Louisville. On Thursday we go back for Molly's Synagis shot. I leave a week from tomorrow for KY, and I am very, very excited!


Cathy Brown said...

Krista, two flushots only the first time a child under nine gets it, then only one each year from now on.

Really looking forward to seeing you, Bill and Molly.

Love you


Marsha D said...

I just CAN'T believe I had to go to Abby's website to get to see some updated pictures of Molly. I see she is hanging out at bars again, looking very happy to be there just dancing in her robot shirt. Can't wait to see you!
I Love you all!

Abacus said...

Will you take a picture of the quilt and post it sometime? I would love to see it since I probably won't have the chance in person.
I am glad you found the pictures of Molly. At least we only took her to one bar the entire weekend.