Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas...

Last night we went to my department's holiday party. It was very fun! Molly got to meet lots of my fellow students and the professors in the department. I even wore a skirt. There were a lot of little kids there running around. I made hashbrown casserole, which is always a hit with California crowds.

Yesterday Molly turned over three times in a row by herself! On Tuesday she turned over for Bill, and then on Wednesday she turned over for me, but both of those times it seemed like an accident. Yesterday, though, she seemed pretty satisfied with herself. She has not done it since then, though.

Right now, Bill is changing MZ's diaper, and they are in there CRACKING UP! Bill has her going--he can get her laughing better than anyone. In the mornings, she has started waking me up with giggles and squeals instead of hunger cries. What a sweet little alarm clock! She has also developed this new move (which she started when we were in Santa Barbara, and which I thought was a book falling on the floor) where she puts both her legs in the air and then just lets them fall like dead weight. She amuses herself like that for a little while.

Oh! And I took a bath with Molly on Thursday night. I thought it would be really fun because she also likes to do her new leg trick in her baby bath, successfully drenching her Momma. I think she is still a little too small for the regular bath because she cannot sit up on her own yet. I put a wash cloth under her bottom to keep her from slipping. That helped some, but she is just so slippery when she is wet that it was difficult, especially when we were getting out of the tub. I'll definitely do that again in a few weeks, though, after she can sit up on her own. I put some bubbles in the water so she couldn't see her feet. I think she was a litte confused by that, but she'll get used to it and start playing in the bath in no time.

Time to feed the baby!


Kim said...

Sounds like you guys are getting in the required amount of laughter a day... that's great to hear!!

Can Molly teach Sydney how to wake up happy? That would be the best Christmas gift! She has always cried when she wakes up, even when she wakes up happy.... I guess just the thought of being alone?

Word of caution... don't put bubbles in the bath with Molly. It can cause her to get an infection or possible yeast infection. Sydney just had the infection a while back. Luckily, she was old enough to tell me how badly she was itching.

Anyhow, take care, and enjoy those belly laughs; there's no better gift in the world!

Kim said...

Sydney says hello to Molly, see her message below. Her quote exactly, as she's typing: I will give Molly a present. She'll be scared of Santa. (Meaning: Sydney's terrified of Santa, so she'll give Molly the present so Molly won't get scared of Santa too.)

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Not-so-Suburban Mama said...

Mmmmm, hashbrown casserole? You'll either have to make it for me someday, or at least give me the recipe! I've never had it before, but I love all things potato, so I know I would just love it.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

Kris said...

Oh, Molly is going to be the best Christmas present and so much fun to play with and kiss and hug on. I can't believe that next Christmas the joy will be two-fold.
Love you and still on countdown,

Marsha D said...

Heck, who doesn't like hashbrown casserole?? I cannot wiat to see you all next week. THis will be the best Christmas ever (or so far anyway)
Love you!