Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today was the usual Tuesday where poppa Bill stayed with Molly all day while I went to my seminar and did other work. I worked for a long time today on my dissertation. It is so close to being finished! I just have some fairly minor (but still requiring a bit of time) edits to do. Before and after my seminar, I was home working, and I just fed Molly when she got hungry.

Tomorrow Lola, Lopa, and Great Aunt Cathy will be here. We are really looking forward to the visit! I am not sure what all we will do, but I'm sure we will spend a lot of time playing with Molly Z. We might go to the How Berkeley Can You Be parade (you can google it). Bill and I have never been, but it always seems like it would be fun. I'm sure we will eat German food, too.

Molly is starting to get some muscles! You can hold her up, and she will keep her legs rigid on your lap, like she's standing. She also likes to look around at things. You can just tell her little brain is trying to absorb everything.


Marsha D said...

WHat a GREAT picture. I absolutely cannot wait to see how Molly has grown and what she looks like in real clothes. See you all soon!

Marsha D said...

Well, Lola, Lopa, and Great Aunt Cathy made it to Oakland only to have the cutest baby in the world meet us at the airport with her beautiful Momma. I just can't describe how much Molly has changed since I saw her last in the hospital. It was great being able to see all of her with no wires, no tubes, no monitors and no other distractions. Kris, I have already taken a gazillion pictures that I will get to you Tuesday at the latest.

Kris said...

Okay Marsha, you'd better share. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful time but please don't spoil that beautiful girl too much. You have to leave some for me to do.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get this comment. I have been trying for weeks to communicate to you. Molly is so precious! Love, Susan

Aunt susan said...

YEAH, It worked. It has been like trying to get into Fort Knox.
Love, Aunt Susan

StephAnnie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks like GA-Cathy is really enjoying spending time with Molly Z. So happy to see her doing so much better. I can't wait to meet her. What a beautiful child!!!!

Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista, It's Marybeth James (Johnson). I found your blog and thought I would say hello. Congratulations on becomming a mommy. Molly is adorable. I hope to stay connected with you! We are doing great! Parker is 4, Mia 2 and David 3 mos. The kids are crazy about him! He is such a happy baby. I hear all about you guys from my parents. I Guess they share stories about all of us kids and their grandkiddos at their Tues. night gathering at
BW3's. I only read several of your blogs but I gather that Miss Molly is a spitter upper! David is as well, I must go through 5 bibs a day, several outfits for him and several for me! I am also nursing him as well so maybe we can swap stories! Please email me when you have a chance at marybethjames@comcast.net

Again, Congratulations! Take care and tell Kelly hello!


Marsha D said...

I am truly leaving my heart in the San Fransico area. Our visit with Bill, Krista and beautiful Molly has come to an end for now and it makes me very sad. Krista and Bill, thanks for letting me hold her so much. I love you guys!