Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Through the Night!

Our alarm went off at 6AM, and Molly had not woken up all night! Amazing! We put her to bed a little after 10, when we went to bed, and she was not ready to get up until about 6:30. I feel good today because I got such a long stretch of sleep!

Yesterday we took Molly to a bookstore. Today, Molly and I are having lunch with my friend, Kristen. She is also going to get a bath today. In two days, Jason and Abby will be here visiting us, and they will get to meet Molly Z. They are friends from Lexington who now live near Santa Barbara. Jason used to be Bill's office mate at Lexmark.

In one week from today, Lola, Lopa, and Great-Aunt Cathy will be here to see us!

Molly is feeling better since Monday, when she got some more vaccines. She was not feeling well at all on Monday, but she was starting to feel better yesterday, though she was still a little fussy. This morning she seems to feel really good. She is lying here next to me right now, just stretching and grinning now and then at me.


Marsha D said...

Lola cannot wait to see Molly Z, cranky or not! Love the new pictures, she sure looks different than she did the last time I saw her in the hospital. See you in a few days,

Kim said...

Lucky Dog!!! She's so little, and she let you sleep thru the night?! I envy you!

Glad to hear everyone is doing so well, and Bill enjoyed his Tues with Molly and Daisy. I wish John would take days off to just hang out with the kids like that. You're just so lucky. I know you know it, but I just wanted to remind you anyway.

Wish we were coming to visit too... oh well, we'll visit via the www. Love ya!

Not-so-Suburban Mama said...

I miss you! I'm planning to give you a call sometime tomorrow -- doing lots of driving for work tomorrow, so I'll put on the earpiece and give you a buzz. Hopefully my call will gel well with Molly's schedule!