Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new sauerkraut and kombucha

I got a bok choy in my CSA box last week. Bill spent a couple of weeks in China and Hong Kong a few years ago, and he has since not been a big fan of bok choy (really the only food he has an aversion to). When I was pregnant with Penny, bok choy for some reason completely repulsed me, and it still does somewhat (really the only food I have an aversion to). I decided to, of course, ferment it. I got the inspiration from a recipe that an acquaintance sent me that used seaweed. I happened to have some seaweed in my cabinet--Molly loves to eat dried seaweed--so I decided to give it a try. I just chopped the bok choy, added one sheet (minus a few bites taken by Molly) of nori, and a teaspoon of salt.

Molly mashed it all for me, and we packet it into a jar.

Thanks to my friend, Abacus, I have been doing some experimenting with kombucha. I made strawberry-raspberry kombucha first, and now I have some blueberry kombucha fermenting. I put three bottles of the strawberry in the cabinet for a secondary fermentation (also on the suggestion of Abacus). I will try it tomorrow. I only had three bottles in which to put the tea for the secondary fermentation so I got to drink some fresh. It was DELICIOUS!!! I can't wait to try the stuff in the bottles, which should be extra bubbly. The blueberry should be ready on Saturday or Sunday. I made the same basic recipe, except I added fresh fruit when I added the tea bags, I added less sugar because of the sugar in the fruit, and I let it ferment for four days rather than seven or eight.


Nikki said...

How do you make flavored kombucha? And why do you think you guys will like the bok choi better fermented??

Abacus said...

I put a sheet of seaweed into my most recent batch of fermented vegetables. I got the idea from a fermenting demonstration we attended.
I like bok choy; I'm surprised that neither of you do.
I am going to try this kombucha recipe next! Thanks for the idea.

Krista said...

great question, Nik! I was really just trying to use up the bok choy. And I can just add it as a condiment to other dishes--hopefully the taste will be sufficiently salty to be acceptable. :)