Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3-year and 1-year stats

Last week Molly and Penny both went in for checkups. Here are the numbers:

Molly (at 3 years)
35 lbs (85th percentile)
39.25 inches (90th percentile) I prefer to say she's 3'3"
BMI (WHAT??? They do that for kids. Ok--I'll just record it in case I'm ever wondering) is 16 (55th percentile).

Penny (13 months)
22 lbs 6 oz (60th percentile)--she's getting skinny, probably because she won't eat anything except breast milk and watermelon and kefir (and any kind of Indian curry with rice)
31" (90th percentile). She's tall, though!
head circumference 18.5" (90th) and she has a big head.

Her tall, skinny, big-headed frame is not keeping her from toddling around. The kid can scoot really quickly. Yesterday she took one teeny tiny step. She can walk really quickly holding someone's hand.

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rstiles said...

I can't believe Penny is already over a year old! Crazy! I'm impressed that she'll eat Indian food. M&M are pretty much on the same rotation of about 5 different meals - all of which are the annoyingly predictable toddler foods, i.e, mac & cheese, pizza, chicken, pasta, etc.