Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Few Toys

We started Molly's life buying very few toys, and we have asked people not to buy her many toys. She does have a few beloved toys that she plays with, and our families are very thoughtful with the few toys they buy her (which is very appreciated!!!). This really started as a necessity because 1) we were broke when Molly was born so we didn't buy much of anything, and 2) we had a small apartment so there just wasn't any room to put any toys. This lifestyle choice is very good for Molly, though, and I assume it will also be for Penny. Parents have been joking for generations that they would buy their kids toys for Christmas or for birthdays, only to have the kids play with the boxes. This is really true! Yesterday, for example, Molly woke up and got her three dolls and then went to the diaper hamper and pulled out a few diapers. She took them into her room and laid them out very neatly and told me she and her dolls were going to do "yoda," which in English is "yoga." She did yoga with her dolls ALL DAY. She would roll up the diaper "mats" and then take them to another room and unroll them again. She would lie on the floor with them and do different poses. It was really interesting to see her imagination working. This morning she rearranged her chairs so that her dolls could sit on either side of her (and one on her lap) while she read to them.


Andrea Troyer said...

I love this about kids! Alexander is the same way. He just follows me around the house and plays with whatever is nearby. He has more fun playing in our cabinets while I'm cooking than he does with any of his "toys". The other day on the airplane, he entertained himself for a half an hour with a kleenex! Amazing!!!

Lola said...

It is a lot more fun watching Molly's imagination in action than it is to restrain from buying her a lot of toys! Love the pictures!?