Sunday, February 14, 2010


Molly is starting to learn the names of many of her body parts. Last night, I was asking her where her nose, cheek, knees, feet, arms, hands, ears, etc. were. I was impressed that she knew everything that I asked her. She can't say many parts (with one notable exception of "eb-bow!" for elbow, and it is always said with an exclamation point at the end). She also knows butt--guess who taught her that one.

Today she was getting in her stroller, and she hit her funny bone. She said, "eb-bow...EB-BOW!" and grabbed her little elbow. It was really hilarious, and I laughed a lot even as she was obviously in pain. We all know it just hurts a second when you do that, though, so I don't feel too bad about laughing. It was funny, too, that it was a bit of a delayed reaction for the pain to really occur to her. It's very impressive to me that she was able to identify what hurt, without even thinking about it. This seems like a turning point to me--maybe she will really begin being able to express what hurts when she injures herself or is ill. It will hopefully decrease her frustration with communication.

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Marsha D said...

I think Molly is communicating MUCH better. I so love talking to her on the phone.