Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Berkeley kids

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When Bill and I first moved to the Bay Area, my younger sister, Kelly, came to visit. We went to the Berkeley marina and saw all the kids and adults doing the sword fighting with the cardboard fighting equipment, including body armor, etc. She told me that I definitely should not have kids while we were living here because my kids would turn out weird. This picture is Kelly's prediction come true. Just look at Molly here: at Picante, our favorite taqueria, holding two cups up to her ears as though they were seashells. (That Bill and I showed her this is beside the point.) The picture is all the better, though, because not only is there one crazy kid in this picture (mine), but there are actually TWO! See the kid in the background? He was wearing his muscle-y Batman Halloween costume. His older brother, who is across the table and not in the picture, was wearing a crown. It was his older brother! It's totally fine with me, actually. Now that I have a kid I can see why people let them wear whatever they want out in public. I would without exaggeration say that we see a kid in a Halloween costume at least once a month. Just last week, for instance, we saw a kid in an all-out astronaut costume, complete with the space helmet. Seriously! He was walking down the street holding his mom's hand. Yes, he had to stand a little further from her than I would imagine he normally would because of the bulbous helmet. Bill was so taken aback, and got such a thorough kick out of it, that he got locked up. We were in the car, leaving my OB appointment, and we saw the kid while we were at a stop sign. Bill just locked up; he couldn't remember which way to turn or if we should just go straight.

We've had wonderful weather this week, and today we went to the Little Farm in Berkeley. Check out the pictures on flickr if you get a chance.


Andrea Troyer said...

Weird kids are everywhere. There is a kid in our neighborhood who frequently plays outside, by himself, in his darth vader costume. Hmm, I wonder why he's playing by himself???? Oh, and she's the cutest weird kid I've ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea's right. I have a little boy who was dressed up as Tinker Bell yesterday, and then he changed into the Barbie Island Princess gown. We say that he's only being nice and playing with his sister... but he has such a good time dressing up!

Molly is just doing her job; being a kid, and doing it superbly!

Love ya! Kim

Anonymous said...

Where whatever they want? HUH?
Not like you Krista! Love you!