Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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Here is Molly looking at my Statistics for Social Workers book! She went right to the shelf, pulled it off, sat on the floor, and started flipping through it.

Tonight at dinner Molly was so eager for her "bah" (bath) that she started pulling off her shirt and socks at the table, saying "bah! bah! bah! bah!" When she was finally in her favorite state (i.e., sans any clothes or diaper) she ran into the bathroom yelling "bah! bah! bah! bah!"

We have decided to start the potty training process. This weekend we bought a toddler toilet at Target (for some reason a used one from Craigslist just wasn't appealing to us), and we have begun letting her explore it with her clothes and diaper on, per Dr. Spock's instructions. She seems to be quite fond of her new piece of furniture. So far, her favorite position has been to pull the lid up and put both feet in the bucket part and try to stand up, thinking herself quite hilarious. Yesterday her chubby legs got wedged in there, which she also thought was hilarious.

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