Wednesday, January 20, 2010

cut finger

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Molly reached into the recycling bin and pulled out a can that I had just thrown in there. She was playing with it and cut her finger, all while I was turned around from her for about 20 seconds. There was blood everywhere! It bled for over an HOUR!!! She looks terrible. There are blood stains all over her shirt and on her hands. She fell asleep while I was putting pressure on it--it was about 45 minutes after her usual nap time--so, because I could not change her shirt, she now looks like she had a rough night at the bar, sleeping it off. Here is a picture of her passed out on the couch. Sweet little girl. See the blood all over her shirt?

She is a tough girl, though. Bill and I say she is way tougher than nails, even tougher than a hammer that pounds nails. What is there, then? An ax! She's tough as an ax. She did not cry, only whimpered twice. She whimpered again in her sleep when I painted on the liquid bandage, which I suppose stings a bit.


Abacus said...

Poor little Molly. She looks so cute sleeping, even with the blood all over her shirt.

Andrea Troyer said...

She's robust! I hope she's alright! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from her Aunt.

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs and kisses too from Frostine

Marsha D said...

She is as tough as she is beautiful. We sure do miss her!
Love you all!