Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so much!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted! We have been really busy with travel, and Molly has been really busy being a maniac. Three weekends ago we visited some friends in Santa Barbara. We had a wonderful weekend tasting beer, eating, and kayaking. We drove home on Highway 1, right along the coast. There was a heat wave throughout California that weekend, and we discovered on our way out of Oakland that our car's air conditioner was BROKEN! It was not really too bad driving south, but by the end of the weekend, the temperatures were in the high 90's. Poor Molly was roasting in the back seat. On the way down, I put some sunscreen on Molly. She rubbed her hand across it before I got it all rubbed in, and she smeared some in her hair. Because we had to ride for six hours in the car with the windows rolled down, it was as if she put some gel in her hair and then took the hair dryer to it. It was outrageous, all spiked up.

Two weekends ago we went to Louisville for the Derby mini marathon. Bill ran it (in just over 2 hours), and I walked it (in just over 3.5 hours). Molly stayed with her grandparents through the race, cheering us on at two different points along the route. It was another sunny, extremely hot day. Some in our family who ran the race (we had a crew of about 10 people from our family, including in-laws and in-laws of in-laws) had some problems, but everyone has recovered now. Grandma Lola did not want to be responsible for any Molly sunburns so she went a little overboard with the sunscreen. Molly does not have too much hair so she just rubbed a bunch in Molly's hair. It was pretty gross, but she did NOT get a sunburn!

Last weekend we took Molly to a babysitter for three hours, and we went to the annual Derby party in San Francisco. Molly stayed with one of the mommas from my mommas group. She did really well! They said she was happy the whole time and played contentedly with her little friend, the said momma's son.

Molly has been crawling all over the place! She has been unstoppable for a few days now, considering no obstacle too great to her travel. She can pull herself up with no problem, too. It is not unusual to set her on the ground in the kitchen and turn around a few seconds later to see her crawling toward the cat food in the hallway. She is all over the place.

She was fussy earlier this week, and I remembered from a few months ago when she was about to cut some teeth. She pretty much only wanted me, and she mostly quit eating solid foods, wanting only to nurse. This is what she was doing earlier this week. Sure enough, Bill checked her mouth out, and she had her first molar. So now she is up to 7 teeth! In the last few days she has been a little better, but last night she did not sleep well at all. She was up at 11:30, 12:30, 3:30, and 5:30. She eventually went back to sleep, but she has been sleeping really well through the night lately, not waking up at all between 8:30 and 6:30. She woke up today with a really snotty nose so I guess she was not feeling well overnight. She seems to be in a great mood today, even if she is pretty snotty.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the mini!! It was a killer of a day to be out there. We ran across Molly on the cheering route, she looked great! Wished we could have stuck around to see you, too, but it was all I could do to make it to the end, get my beer, and get out!

She's crawling everywhere?! Awesome! Time is flying by! Have you started planning a big 1 year birthday bash? I can't believe it's almost here, but wow, where does the time go?!

Take care! We love you all!
Kim, John, Sydney and Ben

Marsha D said...

Let it be known that Grandma Lola took her babysitting responsibilities very seriously and wanted to make SURE that Molly didn't get sunburnt on my watch. Tease all you want but I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It was great seeing you all!
Love you!

A said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to Kentucky while you all were there..hopefully you'll be home for Christmas..I wouldn't miss coming home for Christmas for anything..It sounds like Molly Z is really getting along great..I got some good pics at Christmas of her..she is awesome, and so beautiful..before you know it, she will have a mouth full of teeth and will be chasing you and Bill around the house..ya'll take care and I love you all..
Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

I sure have missed your blog entries but understand. Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day and know that you feel so much better that Kelly is back in the good old USA. Molly is a joy and a wonder and I can't wait to see her again.
Take care,