Thursday, April 2, 2009

It seems like it has been a while since I last gave an update about what Molly has been doing. She has started to put Cheerios in her mouth by herself, which is pretty cute. Sometimes she misses her mouth altogether. Yesterday she finally started rolling from her back to her belly, which is pretty significant. I wasn't sure she was ever going to do that. She also really wants to stand all the time. She likes to hold on to something and support herself. She is becoming kind of mobile as she sits on her butt, scooting around the floor. She's starting doing this thing where she just shakes her head like a maniac, as though she's saying no, no, no, no, no, no. It's really funny. If Bill or I imitate her, she will pause, and then do it some more. Hmm...I think that's about it.

Last Friday, we went to the pool as we have been doing the last few Fridays. There was some problem with the chlorine level or something, so we all had to just wait around for a long time in our bathing suits (we ended up never actually getting in the pool). I was standing there with three other parents and babies, and by the end of the time, all the parents had pee on them. The babies just wear swim diapers, which are intended to catch poop only. So now we know that four out of four babies pee in the pool within the hour allotted to baby swim time. We are all swimming around in lots of baby pee, so I guess I'm glad for the chlorine in the pool. :)

Yesterday, our very good friend had a baby so Bill, Molly, and I all went to visit the little guy and momma. He was born at the same hospital Molly was so we decided to go visit our friends in the NICU. We have been talking about doing that for a really long time. I wanted to see the nurses and show Molly off, but I guess I have had a bit of an aversion to going back there. It was actually a little anxiety-provoking for me to walk in the hospital and go up the elevator to the delivery ward, which was on the same floor as the NICU. I know, it's a little dramatic, but that was the worst five weeks of my life. Anyway, the short visit ended up being very, very nice. We got to see two of our primary nurses. Needless to say, they were thrilled with Molly's huge-ness. She was in a really good mood so she was smiling and laughing as they both held her. As we were leaving, Bill exclaimed that we should have taken pictures with the nurses. We had our camera, but we just didn't think about it. Too bad.


Kim said...

Thanks a lot, Krista, for spoiling the fog I like to live in. Really, all 4 kids peed during the time you were standing around? Yes, well, thank goodness for the chlorine!! Man, I can't wait to take the kids swimming again, or maybe I can!

Take care! Kim

Krista said...

Yes! They all peed. All of us realized it, and we each said something like, "Oh, I just thought it was sweat." But upon closer inspection, it was undeniably urine. It's not so bad, though, if it's your own kid's pee, right?

Marsha D said...

Peeing isn't the worst things your kids will do to you. Just wait til they break your heart by growing up, you little brats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Krista and Kim, it could be worse, believe me. When you become a mom, it's amazing what you get use to and just shrug your shoulders.
Love you,

rstiles said...

Hey K&B! Molly looks great! We'll definitely have to get together soon and make a trip to Speissekammer so Milo can get his drink on ;) Definitely understand about going back to Alta Bates -- whenever I drive on Telegraph Ave I have flash backs. Let's get together soon.