Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Teeth

Molly Zelda now has SIX teeth! Yesterday we noticed two more coming in on the top. She is looking so big and old! She has not been quite as polite the last two days while she nurses (i.e., she has bitten me a few times), but I just immediately pull her off and tell her no. She is getting better at not doing it. She is just such a sweetie, and she still really loves her milk. Molly has also been pulling herself up in her crib from a seated position--she still cannot get herself up from lying down so we do not yet have to worry about her climbing out of the crib. She LOVES standing up in her crib, and she will just stand there and laugh and laugh. It is so novel to her that she can stand there on her own.

Last week Molly and I went home to Louisville for a few nights. We got to see a whole lot of family because of Mom's retirement party, but the main reason we went home was to see Aunt Kelly before she deployed to Afghanistan, which she did this past Sunday (on her 30th birthday, no less). We had a very wonderful visit, but it was extra sad to leave.

Bill, Molly, and I will be going back to Louisville at the end of April for the mini marathon. It will be my third plane trip with Molly and Bill's first. It will be very nice to have some extra help on the plane. On the trip over Christmas, we did not really have any trouble at all. Kelly flew here to fly to Louisville with me, but I flew back by myself. Molly did really well on that trip. This trip, she was fine, but she is a lot more alert and curious now than she was a couple months ago. She liked to grab everything and touch the woman sitting next to me. It is actually quite interesting how in everyday life Molly is a people magnet (who doesn't like a cute baby?), but on a plane she magically becomes a people repellent. Fortunately, there were still a few people who did not mind sitting near us, and I was able to let some of our new plane-friends hold her so I could use the bathroom on that flight. Molly was actually quite charming on the flights, singing and squealing a lot. On the way back to Oakland, at the Chicago airport (luckily I only had to change the diaper once on the plane, and I did it right in the seat, and it was only pee), Molly peed all over her changing pad and her clothes. I had changed her diaper and turned around to throw the dirty diaper away. when I turned back and was starting to put her pants back on, I felt that everything was wet! She had turned herself just slightly so that she peed all over herself, and the pee actually ran under my changing pad. I ended up just throwing that away, thinking it would be a huge mess to clean up and try to put back in my bag.

Molly and I have been going to our weekly momma's group and to our swim "class." It is nice to have regular social engagements.

We have been trying to set a bedtime routine lately. We eat dinner, I give Molly a bath, Bill reads her a story, and then I nurse her and put her to bed. Bill comes in to give her a kiss right before I put her in her crib. It is really nice, and it keeps us on track to eat dinner at a decent time. Before Molly was born, it was not unusual to eat dinner at 9PM. That does not work so well with a baby.

Tonight Bill and I made a bunch of applesauce and canned it. It tastes really good, but I hope the canning process worked. If it does, we will probably buy a lot more apples at the farmers market and make more in the next week or two.

Needless to say, Kelly is pretty much constantly in my thoughts. I have the most amazing little sister!


kelly said...

Hey there big sister!! Don't you worry about me!!...and I have the most perfect big sister! It's nice to hear the Burke family is doing so well!! You always put a smile on my face!! I love you always!!

Marsha D said...

I love this love fest. What a lucky woman I am.

Kim said...

Krista, Molly Z is such a beautiful girl! I'm so glad that you guys were able to come home and see Kelly off, and let the rest of us see Molly for a while. Molly is going to be such a well versed girl in traveling! Lucky her!! Take care, and thanks again for calling the other day. It was great talking to you!!
Love ya,

Julie said...

Thanks for bringing a smile to my day with your updates. Thanks for the reminder to include extra prayers for Kelly during her time away. Julie T.

rstiles said...

Hey Krista! It's a been a while. Looks like things are going great! Elaine and I will have to talk with you more about travel -- we're thinking of flying back to Boston with the twins sometime over the late summer. That should be interesting. We should get together again soon. Send my best to Molly and Bill. -Rob