Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Tooth, Standing

Molly officially has teeth (as opposed to a single tooth)now! The second one broke the surface. The first one is becoming more visible when she opens her mouth.

Molly has been trying to pull herself up, too. Her favorite new trick is to lean over to the railing in her crib when we put her in it in a sitting position, chew on the railing for a little while, and then try to pull herself up. See pictures below.

She also is getting pretty good at standing with only minimal help from us. She does still need to lean on something, though.

She seems to be on a bit of a hunger strike; she mostly just wants to nurse. I'm not sure what that's all about. Does anyone have an idea? I am attributing it to teething and assuming she will start eating again soon. I will probably call the doctor in a day or two if she does not start eating again soon. I love nursing, too, so it does not bother me. She seems to feel great so it's probably no big deal. Maybe she just wants to make sure she looks good in her bathing suit.

Molly is also starting to move from a sitting position to all fours. I know she will be mobile soon, but right now she just usually turns over onto her back. Then she is stuck, like a turtle.


Abacus said...

Krista, this post is so funny. I love the parts about Molly wanting to fit into her bathing suit and getting stuck on her back like a turtle. She is looking very cute with her rosy cheeks in all her photos.

Marsha D said...

She is the cutest dang turtle I have ever seen. Thanks for the pictures. Can't wiat to see you guys!
Love you all!

Marsha D said...

Gosh, I just HAD to come back here this morning to see Ms. Zizzer Zazzer in her bikini. Just counting the days until you get here!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm crying laughing. She is the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen!! Goodness, I miss you guys!

Uncle Jimmy says "Hello"!

Aunt Kelly