Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tuesday morning I was changing Molly's diaper, and I casually asked her if she got any teeth, as we do every morning. To my surprise, there was a tiny little tooth sticking out. It's just the very top of a tooth, but it is most certainly there. AND...she slept all the way through the night Monday night and Tuesday night. Wednesday night she just woke up one time. She has also been actually napping the last couple of days. Bill's trick of getting her to nap is working really well.

On Monday I read an article about feeding babies meat, so I decided this week would be the week we would try meat. I think that did it. She decided, finally! I will let that tooth pop out. We gave her her first taste of animal flesh yesterday, a very gourmet meal consisting of boiled chicken, pureed with carrots and olive oil. Yum! Sort of. The idea of pureed chicken is kind of gross, but Bill was a huge fan of the meal, and I thought he might start doing the dad thing (well, what my dad always did and still does) and eat the rest of Molly's food. He resisted, though. She still prefers vegetables, but I think she will come around to it. Tonight I am going to make chicken soup for dinner, and we will all three eat the same meal, for the very first time. Molly's will of course be pureed.


Kim said...

No more toothless grins?? Wow, your little girl is growing up. Her little smile is going to change into something even more magnificent! Congrats, on the tooth and the sleep!

Marsha D said...

Can't wiat to see pictures of the no more toothless Molly. Love you guys and can't wait to see you next month!

Abacus said...

Tell Molly we are proud of her for holding out for her first taste of animal flesh before she let that tooth show. :)