Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been a while since I posted. I right now have only a few minutes while I am waiting for a student so this might be a little choppy. Things get hectic, and it is difficult to sit down and write. Anyway, we have had a wonderful week! Molly slept through the night once, and the other nights she usually only got up one time. I came into her room to feed her, and she went back to sleep. She has accumulated quite a repertoire of foods she has eaten: carrots, sweet potatoes, lentils, spinach, broccoli, butternut squash, refried beans, beets, bananas, papaya, vegetable broth, avocado, and split pea soup. Not bad, huh? She likes pretty much everything. In the mornings she will eat a little bit, but at lunch and dinner she usually eats a bit more. I usually mix rice cereal (for the iron and other vitamins it is fortified with) and broth or milk in with her food. Two nights ago I made split pea soup for dinner, and I thought we'd see if Molly liked it. I scooped a little out before we ate so that it would cool. She LOVED it. I wish I'd gotten a little more out for her.

We have also recently discovered two new favorite activities: swinging at the park, and reading magazines. Well, it kind of looks like she is just tearing and eating magazines, but we can call it "reading." :)

She has become rather infatuated with faces. She really likes to touch my and Bill's faces. She particularly loves Bill's beard. Molly has also become rather attached to Daisy. Daisy is a good 'ol hound, and she tolerates the lovin' from Molly.

Molly has sort of regressed in her napping. She was taking good naps in the morning and afternoon (even if they were a little short). This week she has really not wanted to nap, fussing and crying for a while. She will fall asleep in the car or in the stroller on a run.

Okay, I did not get it finished. Now it is Thursday, 5:30 PM, and Molly is finally napping in her crib! We went to lunch today, and Molly had a bit of hummus, and she also sucked on a pickle (that's my girl!!). Aunt Kelly will be quite proud, too, that MZ is a fan of pickles. We also gave her a little plain yogurt this morning, which she kind of liked. Maybe with a little fruit mixed in she'll like it better.

Molly's new favorite book is Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! (I love that this kids' book has both a subtitle and an exlamation point.) For Z, it says, "Big Z, little z, what begins with Z? A Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, as you can plainly see!" Well, naturally, we have nicknamed Molly Zizzer-Zazzer-Zelda.

We go back in a week for another Synagis shot. I think we have February, March, and April still on those horrible shots. Okay, they are not horrible if they prevent Molly's getting RSV, but they really hurt! We will see how much our little chubster weighs.

She is growing lots of hair. We had dinner with our neighbors last night, and A.P. swore that she grew hair between the time we arrived and the time we left. Oh, and no teeth yet.


Kris said...

Give my little "Zizzer Zazzer Zelda" a big hug and kiss from her Grandma. I guess pretty soon she'll be able to wear bows in her hair.
Love you,

Marsha D said...

Zizzer Zazzer Zelda, I LOVE it, sounds like a bib opportunity to me.
Love you!

Aunt Mary said...

'Zizzer Zazzer Zelda'..that's cool. Krista, you will know it when those teeth start coming in. She will want to chew on everything. Sounds like she and you and Bill are doing great. It sure was good to see you all at Christmas. I got some good pics of Molly. Ya'll take care and love to you all.
Aunt Mary