Monday, November 17, 2008

no beach, but sleep

Yesterday we did not quite make it to the beach. Molly ate, napped, ate again, we ate, etc. By the time we were ready to leave, it was about 2:30, and we decided the drive to the beach would not be worth it because it starts getting dark around 5, and is usually pretty dark by 5:30. So we walked around the lake and the surrounding areas instead. It was a great way to spend the day.

Poppa Bill had the brilliant idea to try to get a Papa John's pizza, which is a Louisville institution that is simply unavailable to us here in Oakland. Except!!! that we could drive 15 miles to Hayward to pick it up. We ordered it on-line (not something we ever did when we were in KY) and drove down to pick it up. Brilliant! We haven't had a Papa John's pizza here in California. It was a good treat.

We left here around 6:45, and Molly fell asleep in the car. When we got home, she woke up for me to change her diaper, and I figured she would want to eat. I put her down in her crib in the office/baby room so I could go wash my hands, and by the time I came back she was asleep again. I figured she would wake up soon to eat, probably just about the time I was taking my first slice of pizza to my mouth, or taking my first drink of the necessary-with-pizza beer. She never did wake up throughout dinner. I thought she would surely wake up before we went to bed, but she never did. Bill picked her up to take her to bed when we went to bed around 10:15, and she never woke up. She did not wake up until almost 6AM. I, on the other hand, woke up at our previously-agreed-upon meeting time of 3:30, but Molly was a no-show. I of course checked on her about 4 times, but she seemed fine. This morning she was in a great mood, after about 11 straight hours of sleep, not to mention two great naps yesterday (one before our walk and another during out walk, in the stroller). Right now she is napping again.

I hope she is not sick. I don't think she is, though, because she seems really happy. I doubt it's the rice cereal either. We never gave it to her yesterday because we were planning on giving it to her whenever she woke up, but she never did. We gave her some more this morning before Bill left for campus, and she ate quite a bit more than she did on Saturday. We plan on giving a little bit to her every day. We also decided it would be a good idea to start giving her a bottle of pumped breast milk every day to get her used to it. We hope to take advantage of some babysitting over Christmas (if we can get one, which is probably iffy) so we want her to be really comfortable with the bottle.

She is waking up now, so I gotta go!


Lola said...

IF you can get a babysitter?? What are you thinking???? You guys will need to go out every night that you are here just so all the people that love her can watch her for you.
Oh Brother!
I love you!

Grandma Lola said...

Oh, I got to hear Molly laugh tonight as Poppa got her ready for bed. What sweet music!

mary said...

Krista,just what are you thinking when you say 'iffy' on the babysitting,,I am sure there will be plenty of us you can depend on so you can catch up with old friends, and you and Andrea can be alone with the hubbies...don't worry, why great-grandpa Burke would probably even to be seeing you real's going to be a great Christmas.
Love to you all
Aunt Mary

Kim said...

I agree, Krista. Finding a babysitter is ALWAYS tough... you have to check their credentials, find out if they're child cpr certified, make sure their house is 100% childproofed, and the list just goes on!! The biggest question, though, is... will they love her the same way you would?

Call us up when you get here! We'll be happy to get out - kid free for a while with you!! And, there's always Chuck E Cheese so we can go with the kids and they can enjoy themselves with us.

Love ya! Can't wait to see you!

Not-so-Suburban Mama said...

Oh my word -- I started laughing out loud when I read this because, as I type, I am completely flummoxed by what Baby A is doing right now. Her daddy put her down for a nap around 5, and she usually just naps for 30-40 minutes in the evenings, then we have a routine of bottle, play, (bath every other night), nursing, swaddling, rocking and down for the night somewhere between 7 and 8:30. As I type, she has been "napping" for 3 hours! So I'm really, REALLY hoping that she's going to be asleep for 11 hours, too! Otherwise, it's going to be a loooong night! Wish us luck!