Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Baby

Molly is trying to eat my wrist. You can see she is losing quite a bit of her hair. She has developed a bit of an affinity for sucking on her parents' hands, in addition to her own fingers. It is pretty dang cute.
Yesterday was a really good day. Because it was Tuesday, Bill stayed with Molly all day so I could get some work done. I am sooooo close to finishing my dissertation! My chair has approved it, and the other committee members are reviewing it. I worked all day on getting the last revisions finished to send it out. I have a couple of tiny little things I need to talk to someone at my fellowship about, but that (I hope) should just about do it, after I make revisions wanted by the other two committee members.

Bill made us a very nice dinner last night, and the pictures are of Molly and me in the kitchen while Bill was cooking.

We had a very nice visit with Grandma Kristine and Aunt Andrea. Andrea was only here for 38 hours or so, but we made the most of the visit. On Saturday, we did our usual routine of going to Arizmendi and to the farmers market. I got some vegan soul food (thanks Aunt Cathy for trying this and then getting me hooked), which everyone shunned, except for Kris who tried a little bite. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, but, I tell ya, it's delicious. Anyway, later we did a little shopping and then went out to dinner. Sunday morning we had to take Andrea to the airport. Because we were already in SF, we went to the Ferry Building to just wander around. We came home and had supper. Kris had to leave really early Monday morning. Molly smiled and giggled a lot. We got some good pictures (check out Bill's blog--he posted more pictures). It was a wonderful visit, but, as all family visits, just ended way too quickly. It is really sad to be so far away.

Molly has been sleeping really well through the night, generally. She usually goes to bed some time between about 9 and 10, then she usually sleeps until 6:30 or so. About three times a week, though, she will wake up around 3:30 to eat. The last two nights she has woken up then to eat, but the general trend is certainly sleeping through the night, which is just wonderful. She smiles so easily these days. She will also just let out squeals of pure delight, and she giggles and laughs a lot. It is extremely contagious--you just can't help but laugh with her.


Marsha D said...

She squeals with delight because she knows how lucky she is to have parents like you and Bill. I really appreciate all of the cute pictures both here and on Bill's blog.
Love you!

Kris said...

Molly is beautiful and so much fun to be around. We are so fortunate to have her and she is so fortunate to have all of us who love her dearly. I had a wonderful visit and can't wait till Christmas.
Love you!

Cathy Brown said...

Krista, love the post with the pictures. Molly's face is slimming down, must be all that great beauty sleep she is getting most nights now. Glad you enjoyed your farmer's market great vegna food.

Love you


Kim said...

Krista, you two look so cute! Thanks for sharing! I read your blog all the time, and feel like I'm right there seeing it all first hand. Sorry I haven't blogged back, it's usually that I can read, but not type on the computer lately, my little apes want to type too if the keyboard comes out. Anyhow, congrats on being so close on the dissertation.

Molly is so beautiful, and she'll treasure all the fun activities that you guys do together all the time as a family.

I miss you, and can't wait to meet Molly soon, xmas is just around the corner!

mary said...

hey guys,
gosh, molly is getting so big and more beautiful..thought i would let you know in case you hadn't heard yet, we have a new addition to the burke clan, marisa gave birth this morning to baby jordan. he weighed 8lbs 1oz. both mom and baby are great. christmas is going to be so great this year. we have so much to be thankful for. take care.
aunt mary

Kris said...

I keep thinking that this time last week I was in CA with my wonderful son and beautiful girls and it was so much fun. We are the luckiest family ever. I think I hear jingle bells in the air.
Love you,