Friday, August 29, 2008


This is today's second post. Molly has learned to smile when she means it (i.e., not just involuntarily or when she is doing something like pooping). This morning, Bill and I were looking over her while she was lying on the bed, and she was grinning at us! It was so amazing! So she was super-happy baby, and then a little while later she was super-upset baby because she had a lot of spit up and clearly did not feel well. She is now happily sound asleep in her pack n play, all swaddled up. I guess it's pretty tiring spitting up so much (it was A LOT--I had to change my shirt twice and throw the Moby in the wash).

Big football game this weekend--go Cats! We'll be taking Molly to the UK bar in SF, Zeke's, to introduce her to the gang from the UK alumni association.


Marsha D said...

Make sure she only drinks lite beer, she is getting chunky you know!

Juli said...

Hey Krista!
I just wanted to say hi. I am still keeping tabs on you and Bill and Molly. I am headed out of town this weekend, but swear one of these days I will make the UK game....


Kim said...


Molly, stick with me, your Aunt Kelly, and Uncle James. We'll help teach you right from wrong!

Kim said...

I stand firmly by my last comment, no matter how sadly my cardinals played today. It's okay, Molly, you have to learn that you can't win them all. Just know that we'll get 'em next time!

I love you guys!