Friday, January 14, 2011

molly's story

This morning, I got in bed with Molly when she woke up. We have this cuddle time most mornings before Penny wakes up (and because it is still so dark outside). She has been asking me to tell her stories before we get up for the day. Today, I was pretty tired so I asked her to tell me a story. She started to rub my head and face like I usually do to her, and she started:

"Once 'pon time there was a little girl naaaaamed....Momma! She was sad (said with a frown and a shake of the head and much fanfare). Then Poppa came along and made her happy! Then he said....The End."

She told me three this morning. Here is another one:

"Once 'pon time there was a chitten (chicken). He said bok bok. Then he said...The End!!!"

Molly is getting over pneumonia this week so she's had to take extra lung medicine. Here is a sweet picture of her getting her treatment while she and Penny play with their instruments.

Also this week, my sister returned from Afghanistan, where she has been since November. It was a wonderful reunion!!!


Abacus said...

Molly is so cute. It's so sweet that she knew Bill could cheer you up if you were sad.
We didn't realize that she had pneumonia. I hope she is back to normal soon!

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet girls!

Lola said...

I left that last comment