Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I last posted so it will be difficult to remember everything that has happened. First, though, I would like to say that I am rather happy to be back to California, where the temperature today reached 77. I really, really miss Louisville already, but I heard that there were record cold temperatures today. I was wearing a t-shirt and no jacket today. Okay, enough about the weather.

Molly and I spent four weeks in Louisville. It was supposed to be three weeks and 6 days, but my flight from Chicago to Oakland was canceled due to inclement weather so I stayed in Louisville an extra night. While we were in Kentucky, Molly started turning over from her belly to her back, and she started to sit up for very long stretches. Her sleeping worsened, though. Before we left, she was mostly sleeping through the night, but she slept through the night only once while we were in KY, and she usually woke up multiple times through the night. About halfway through the visit, I theorized that she may be uncomfortable in the Pack n Play so I started to put her in the bed with Bill and me. It seemed to work. I guess she was getting too heavy to sleep comfortably with such a small pad.

I had to take a break, but I'm back now. We had a wonderful time in Louisville, and we got to see lots of extended family, most of whom met Molly for the first time.

Molly has been recently introduced to a number of new foods including papaya (liked it for two days, but not so much after that) and broccoli (LOVES it, but it is kind of dry so she probably needs a drink in the middle of a feeding). We are working our way up to three meals per day, but she just still loves to nurse so much that we are usually having one or two feedings per day of fruit or vegetable. The pediatrician says that is fine--she is getting plenty of nutrition from the breastmilk, and the milk should be her main source of nutrition now anyway. We don't want to cause any stress; we want eating to be pleasurable for Molly, and if we force it too much she may resist it more. She is clearly gaining weight (weighing in at 21 pounds on Thursday) so we can take our time.

When we got back to CA on Tuesday, we put Molly in her crib for the night. It was the first night I had not slept in the same room with Molly since she came home from the hospital. It went well. She woke up a couple of times for the first few nights, but Thursday night she just woke up one time, and last night she slept until about 5:40, which I consider sleeping through the night because Bill and I got more than 6 hours of sleep. She is sleeping right now, and I am hopeful that she will sleep well again tonight!

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Marsha D said...

I have to say that having you all home for such a long but oh so short time made this the BEST Christmas ever! I have spent HOURS just looking at the slide shows of Molly I have. If any of you are interested, I have approximately 700 pictures that I took just this Christmas of Molly. (Just kidding, it was only 400.)
Thanks Krista and Bill for making my Christmas extra special.
Love you!